Welcome to Maximum Gaming, an online gaming community owned by by Alex Valdez and Elijah Buyer, mainly focused on San Andreas: Multiplayer, however we play a variety of other games like Minecraft, Multi The Auto: SA, Garry's Mod & other well known games.

Maximum Roleplay - SA:MP

Maximum Roleplay is based on San Andreas: Multiplayer - We have the desire to bring the best roleplay experience to you, and the entire community. Our directors always provide the best staff members to administrate our servers. Our dedicated server is optimized to provide lag-less game-play on our game servers. Server IP: samp.mx-gaming.net (


Teamspeak 3 Server

We currently have a Teamspeak 3 Server so we can communicate with our members, you can connect to our server using this address, Server IP: ts.mx-gaming.net (


Our Servers

We play many games here at maximum gaming, not just San Andreas: Mulitplayer. We host other game servers that you can play on such as MTA:DayZ a new server we are currently developing.